Color Picker Script
Flooble is proud to bring you yet another quality script: the color picker. If you have a form that allows users to enter their own color value, then color picker is for you. It allows your user to easily pick a color without messing with HTML codes and knowing color names. Our script can be integrated into any form, or made to trigger a javascript action on change. And best of all, it's absolutely free!

The flooble color picker provides instant visual feedback of the color that the user has picked in a small square next to (or in stead of!) the form field used to enter the color's value. The user activates the color picker by clicking on the square.

There are many color picker scripts out there that use small popup windows. We believe that this is nt the best approach. It can be slow if the server is suffering from congestion, and can even be disabled if the visitor has an over-zealous popup blocker installed. Our picker uses DHTML, which means your visitor already has all the neccessary code loaded when they click the color picker, resulting in lightinig-fast response.

Here are some samples of how color picker can be used:

Tied to an editable form field:     (click square to activate)

This is the simplest way to use color picker. Picking the color populates the value into the text input field. Similarly, if you change the value in the field, the indicator square will change color to match. (Make sure to click outside the field once you've changed it.)

The input field will get submitted as a regular user-entered field would.

Tied to a non-editable form field:    

This option will show the color chosen in a non-editable field, but will not allow the user to change the value. (This is useful for inexperienced users who may enter an invalid color value.)

The input field will still get submitted as a regular form field.

Tied to a hidden field:    

With this option, the form field is completely hidden from the user. all they see is the indicator square which triggers the color picker. However, the selected color's value still gets submitted with the form.

Triggering JavaScript:    

You can even have color picker trigger javascript code when the user picks a color. In this example, picking a color simply shows an alert box with its value:
alert('The color you picked is: ' + color);

However you can easily tie more complex javascript tasks to the color picker.

Color picker has been tested to work with Internet Explorer 6, and the latest generation of Mozilla-based browsers (including Netscape 7).

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We spent 5 full days creating this script.
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