Toggler the Sidebar Mini-Game
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If your page is anything like most pages on the web, it probably has a sidebar. And most likely, that sidebar is filled with a whole bunch of links. Same old boring links. But now, there's toggler, the amazing mini-game from flooble that's so tiny, it's only 130 pixels wide! Are you thinking what we're thinking? Yes, it'd be perfect for your bland sidebar.

Check out toggler to the right. It's small, but it's a fun little game that your visitors will love. The object is to turn all the [X] buttons into [.] buttons by toggling them. But be careful: when you toggle a button, the four buttons around it are toggled as well. When all the buttons are turned into [.]'s, you win. But the point of the game is to win after the smallest possible number of moves.

Like it? So will your visitors. And we're giving toggler away absolutely free, because here at we're just that nice.

So how do you put this puppy on your page? Easy. Just copy the following code, and paste it into your page's body somwhere. (Be careful not to put this inside of a <form> ... </form> tag, since that may cause problems.)

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