Expandable Content Script
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Got too much stuff to show on your page? Running out of space? Flooble's Expandable Content script is just what you need. It's a free javascript, that will let you to easily create boxes that a visitor can expand and collapse in order to view or hide their content.

Confused? Here's an example:
Expandable Box: []
The text in this box is now visible. To collapse the box, and hide the text, click on the minus (−) sign in the upper right corner of the box.

The box will collapse and the minus will turn into a plus (+). Click that to expand the box again.

You can also have a box that's collapsed by default (click the plus (+) sign to expand it):

Another Box: []
The text in this box is not visible by default, but becomes visible when the box is expanded.

You can collapse the box back, hiding the text - just click the minus sign in the title bar.

P.S. You can use HTML Codes and images, in the boxes as well!

As you can see any HTML under the box will be dynamically moved, as the box is expanded or collapsed. Expandable boxes can be used for hierarchical menus, or to display some vital but bulky information. You decide.

The script has been tested, and works with all the latest browsers, including Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Mozilla and Opera 7.

So. You like it. You want it...

We spent 2 full days creating this script.
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