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Taurus (Bull)
Born April 20 - May 20
Petty, annoying and a whiny pain in the neck, a Taurus loves to brown-nose and is often a snitch to boot. In life and work, always blows with the wind, and runs to answer to his supperiors' smallest whim.

A chronic poser (will pass himself for an altruist, or in the case of a woman - a tortured soul), while harboring contempt for those around him, and in his mind fancying himself the center of the universe.

A Taurus loves wealth, and will greedily collect it in secret for most of his life. He is willing to sacrifice the last bit of wealth for a good cause - as long as it's someone else's.

Ego-centric, with a sadistic streak, he will terrorise his family from childhood until his old age, all the while managing to project the appearance of love and kindness.

Tauruses love preferential treatment, and will usurp such privileges whenever possible.

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