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Scorpio (Scorpion)
Born October 23 - November 21
Scorpios are highly dangerous, even at a distance. They cheat and lie, live for intrigue, and take pleasure in destroying.

Pathological sadists and masochists simultaneously, they will not find any means too low or dishonorable if it can aid in reaching their goals.

Going to great lengths, they will strive to create a positive image of themselves, just so they can backstab an opponent when he least expects it.

Their career is built on the bodies of their more scrupulous victims. If a Scorpio just told you how much he values your friendship, be certain he has already ratted you out to the boss in an attempt to curry favor.

Scorpios are famous for their affinity to dirty jokes and cheap porno movies. They will spread rumors about their sexual conquests, cruelly smearing anyone unlucky enough to be involved with them.

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