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IQ, an abbreviation for "Intelligence Quotient" is a score given to people to gauge their intellectual abilities. The IQ points are assigned following a test designed to measure how smart someone is without taking into account their knowledge of advanced sciences. (For example in-depth knoweledge of Integral Calculus will not result in getting more points.)

The maximum number of IQ points you can receive is 161, an "average" being 100.

Our research indicates that a lot of people today do not take full advantage of their IQ points throughout their daily life. In fact for as many as 20% of the people have, at least 50% of their IQ points have gone unused for over 60% of their lifetimes. A government study has concluded that 95 point IQ is all that is required to maintain a normal standard of living in the modern society (this figure has dropped 2 points over the last decade).

However IQ points are a heavily sought commodity in the research sector. Scientists and engineers working on making our lives better and easier are in desperate need of your unused IQ points. Donate them today, and we are sure you will live a happier, more satisfied life, thanks to your new lower IQ, and the good feeling you will have gotten for helping humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What kind of IQ points can I donate?
    We accept IQ points from any standard IQ test as accredited by the Mensa Organisation. Unfortunately this excludes a large variety of free IQ tests given on the Web, but we must insure that our IQ pool maintains its integrity. (We instituted this policy after a donationof some overrated IQ points contributed to the loss by NASA of the Mars rovers a couple of years back.)

  • What will be done with my IQ points?
    Your IQ points will be transferred to people on staff at some of the biggest research facilities in the world today. We have close ties to universities (such as two groups doing electronics engineering work at MIT), as well as the private sector (we distribute IQ points to Intel and Microsoft on a regular basis). Over the last couple of years proposals of supplying our IQ to people in Washington have surfaced and we are looking into it.

  • What is to prevent me from re-taking the test and regaining my IQ points back?
    Please realise that when you donate your IQ points, you are not only donating the abstract concept of points on a score card, but also a corresponding portion of your intellect. You must be ready to make this commitment. Once you do, you will simply no longer posess the intelligence required to achieve your previous IQ score again.

  • I'm stupid. Can you give me some IQ?
    We're sorry, but we cannot currently distribute IQ to people who are not designated recipients. There are very strict laws governing this type of transfer. (If you are a designated recepient, please go through proper channels.)

  • Why can I not donate more than 10 IQ points?
    10 points is the maximum legal limit a person can donate at a time. This is because 10 points is deemed a significant enough drop in IQ that the loss of any more points can result in serious adjustment problems. If you wish to donate more than 10 points, we recommend that you donate them in portions, waiting a couple of days between donations to help acclimate yourself with your lower IQ level.

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