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You know how sometimes you feel like you haven't posted anything to your blog for a while, and you should really get around to doing it, but there's nothing to really write about? We've all been there. That's why we at flooble have decided to give you an Instant Blog Post Generator.

Now you can have a ready-to-post entry for your blog with just one click of a button. Our system is random enough that there's thousands of variations to the post that it can generate, so if you don't like how it came out, you can simply keep clicking until the generator comes up with something you find acceptible.

(Because of the random element, some of these will not make too much sense, but some can be pretty funny!)

Operaring the Instant Blog Post Generator is very simple: click a button, and it will generate a blog post for you! In fact, you don't even need to click a button. Here's your blog post:

Last week I was thinking about ingratitude in today's cut-throat corporate world. I was really uninterested by the subject, so I axed my friend Lizzie about it, and she screamed:

"Whoa!.. Dude! I love today's cut-throat corporate world so much!"

But then when I got to the part about the ingratitude, Lizzie stopped yelling. And later, Lizzie's niece told me that the reason Lizzie was so freaked out was because she found this weird page about ingratitude. At times Lizzie can be very dumb like that, but she kinda loves me...

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