On the back of Am I Blue or Not?, flooble brings you a somwhat more interesting (and - hopefully - less stupid) page: ColorCombos.

This is your chance to display your taste in colors (or if you have none, to benefit from someone else's). The page lets you pick and rate color combinations. Match up two colors that you thing would go well together, and see how they look. Rate the "combo" and then come back to see what others thoght of it.

Look at the top combinations, as well as the bottom ones. See what people vote for most. If you have a web page, you can put your favorite combo up on it for your visitors to rate how well coordinated it is.

(Gimme A Random Combo!)

Color combinations with #18466A

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Play along, add your color:
Total of 18497 Colors.
Total of 3388 Combinations.
Total of 64684 Votes.
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